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Hi there! I just picked up a used 2015 XLE and the bumper and plastic rear passenger fender trim is loose. After digging through diagrams I thought they should attach to what's called the side seal (p/n 525910R030), however looking at the attached photo and the spot circled in red there doesn't seem to be a screw hole.

So further digging and I'm thinking it could be the side support (p/n 521550R030) but that doesn't seem quite right, it almost seems like something that plugs into the side support but at this point the diagram cuts out so I'm not sure anymore. If someone can look at the attached photo and figure out what the bumper and side fender trim screw into where I've circled it would really help me out, thanks!

Edit: Found a video detailing the piece I'm looking for, it seems the side support could be the broken piece here but if anyone has any insight lemme know (screenshot with the area circled in red)


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