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Couple of days ago I've noticed a loud pulsating clunk while driving. The faster I was driving the faster the clunking sound was. I wasn't sure how to inspect that issue so I decided to put my car on couple of jack stands, take out both wheels and put it on drive.

The first thing I noticed that one wheel (passenger) was turning while the other one (driver) was trying to turn but something was preventing it from spinning.

Notice the caliper moving in and out slightly on the "barely moving" wheel...

After taking out the caliper I noticed that the caliper bottom bolt wasn't moving in and out freely. Also, when I took out the brake pads I noticed that the inside pad had a strange wear on it. It looks like the pad wasn't sitting flush with the rotor surface. The result was the crazy wear of the pad and the rotor.

Question is: can I drive it like this or is it time to get new pads and rotors?

After cleaning and regreasing the caliper bolts the clunking sound went away.
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