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2015 Toyota RAV4 LE Fog Light Installation.
I am trying to figure out what is the difference between OEM fog lights kits
Part # : 00016-42023 and Part # : PT413-42150
the two kits have a different wiring diagram and both kits will fit 2015 RAV4.
Can anybody tell me what is the difference?
Also a YouTube video with a totally different wiring diagram , all ways seems to work. What is the factory wiring diagram for a 2015 XLE or Limited edition RAV4 that comes with factory fog lights installed?

OEM 2013-2015 RAV4 Fog Lights Factory kits:

Part #: 00016-42023 ($150)

and Part #: PT413-42150 ($260)

YouTube version:
and also:

I already installed the OEM Factory Fog lights, without taking the bumper off like in the YouTube video, took about 30 minutes, just turned the wheels , connected the lights to the factory harness and added the OEM relay in a fuse box. Now if I can figure out the switch wiring...
I would like to make the switch wiring look like it was factory installed.
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