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MAF Sensor

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Vehicle Info: 2007 Base Toyota Rav4 w/ 2AZFE Engine.

Can someone please confirm the type of MAF sensor that is used in this make/model/year Rav4? Is the MAF sensor a hot wire sensor, or a hot film sensor? Would like to clean my MAF with some CRC MAF cleaner but have read that the hot film MAF sensors shouldn't be cleaned. Yes I've heard arguments that you should't clean any of them...but that isn't my question...I'd just like to know which type is in this vehicle. I took it out and looked at it and it and think it's a hot wire, but just want to be sure. I took a few pictures of it but don't know how to attach them here or link to them.

Thank's in advance for any help that any of you are able to provide.
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This vehicles MAF sensor does NOT have an Idle Air Temperature Sensor; Is that correct? On the side of the sensor there is what looks like two metal pins sticking out about a 1/4" apart with a wire in between with a thermosistor (I believe it's called) in the middle of that wire. Is this what I should be spraying with the CRC cleaner? There are also 2 of these seen on the inside of the plastic housing (of MAF sensor) if you are looking up at it from the bottom. Should these also be sprayed with the CRC MAF cleaner? BTW..What I'm describing, this is also what your MAF sensor looks like?

Sorry if the questions sound dumb or obvious...I've never known much about fixing cars but am trying to least with things that aren't that complicated or that can be done quickly and easily. Tired of paying a mechanic for things that I can do myself.
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