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Manuella Phillips buys half a RAV4

By Carol Martin
Friday, May 05, 2006

Manuella Phillips has decided to buy out Kristine Dahlmann's half of the RAV4 the two Sault women won from Tim Horton's this spring.

Yesterday, the silver Toyota RAV4 was delivered to the pair at the John Street Tim Horton's where Phillips bought Dahlmann their winning cup of coffee back on March 9.

Shown are Dahlmann, Phillips and Monica McNally, owner of the Timmy's outlet.

Initially, Dahlmann and Phillips were going to sell the vehicle and split the money.

But Phillips started thinking about buying Dahlmann's half shortly after she answered the skill-testing question on her roll-up-the-rim-to-win cup.

She got the call to answer the question at home, about two weeks after she and Dahlmann found their lucky cup.

Phillips was inititially reluctant to answer on her own. "But then I decided to anyway and they said, 'do you have a pen and paper ready to answer the question'"

Phillips had hoped she and Dahlmann could do it together, but it turned out she was worried for nothing.

"It was a really easy [math] question and they gave me five minutes to answer it," Phillips said. "I bet the girl on the other end thought I was a bit stupid or something because I sure took my time."

Phillips spent most of her five minutes double-checking her calculations, thinking the question was too easy and she'd better make sure it was right.

"I was thinking: 'Oh my God, what if I get it wrong!'".

After their win was confirmed, Dahlmann didn't hesitate to encourage Phillips to keep the vehicle.

"It suits her better because it's shorter," said Dahlmann. "Her car was too high."

So Phillips got the keys to the new Rav4 yesterday and Dahlmann got enough cash to take her three kids to Mexico for two weeks.
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