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Hey all,
I have a 1998 RAV w 77k on it
Ive had a series of codes pop up lately

I have been able to correct 0125 and 0135 by replacing the upstream o2 sensor
I havent been able to correct the 0171
It cleared for about a month then reappeared
There is hesitation till it warms
Ive changed the plugs/wires, o2 sensor, cleaned the throttle body baffle assembly, pcv, checked the injectors
Researching the problem suggest it may be the MAP sensor
The location of the MAP sensor is on the drivers side fire wall, is this correct?
If so the sensor that is located there is the 89460-42010 which is the fuel tank vapor pressure sensor
My question are
1. Is this the right sensor for this location?
2. will changing this sensor to the MAP sensor fix the problem?
3. Is there anything else that might cause this issue?
FWIW I am in the US and had it looked at by a mechanic who couldnt find any problems

Edit I also changed the fuel tank overflow tube (it was corroded)

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Problem solved
Tank rusted
Filler tube rusted
replaced fuel filter
I believe it was sucking in air from the tank/filler tube causing the 0171 code
All is good for now
and running like a champ
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