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Hi y'all,

About a month ago, our 2006 Prius went on life support, the dreaded hybrid light came on. The next day at 7:20AM, we went to our local Toyota dealership to have her checked out. The service advisor informed us that the big battery needed to be replaced. The cost was $3700 plus the catalytic converter need to be replaced. Cost was $2500. Book value of the Prius was $2000.

So that afternoon at 2:40, we left in our 2012 Rav4 base model with 40,489 miles and Goodyear Assurance tires. We bought the RAV4 based upon our needs and gravel plates. We were tired of the gravel plate scraping the driveway as we entered our garage. Plus we need to be able to drive to our daughter high school to feed her pigs in bad weather.

We like the way the vehicle rides and drive. But we went from 42 MPG to 21.5 MPG. That is why we call our RAV4 Piggy

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This little Piggy, went to market.
This little Piggy, stayed home.
This little Piggy, had roast beef for dinner.
This little Piggy, had none.
This little Piggy, went wee-wee, all the way home

^^ RC_Cola_ - a road trip song, for you and the wife...:laugh
And RAV4 congrat. on the 2012, nice low miles to boot.

I grew up on a small beef/pig farm, in the 1960-early '70's.
- the new born piglet were always fun to attend to
- as kids, we even got our city slicker cousins, to kiss one on the nose...LOL

Sorry the 2006 Prius battery's gave up.
A disposable car with high maintenance costs after one decade...SAD REALITY.
- that was always my fear...the dreaded 10 year time line

ROI on these Hyrid vehicles, often don't fully appreciate or comprehend the true loss of decent resale value, when they get old - I just sold 2 older vehicles (Volvo/Nissan), on average 2005 models - 145,000 US miles and $6,000 each.
- resale $$, buys a lot of gas
We went with a mint 2008 RAV4 Limited v6, from a V70 wagon - In 3-4 years, I'll also have our Toyota pre-sold to a family member, for around $10,000 Cdn / when we get our sons 2015 Lexus RX350.

Again, DON'T be disappointed in the RAV4 gas mileage / "pay me now - or pay me later".
Electric cars are only good choices, before they age much and warranty runs out plus battery replacement, is usually the nail in the coffin...kiss of Death !!
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