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I had did my first HID Retrofit and kept the stock 9005 high beam, however, HB was pointing higher above the LB cutoff. After rav4.32010 pointed out a video to me, I realize I didn't position the LB properly in the first place to align with the 9005. I could've just re-positioned the LB and call it a day, but what's the fun in that I thought. Besides, I had already damaged a lock ring and rear shield thread previously during a test fit. Thus, I looked into getting the HB LED projector since the cost would be similar to replacing BOTH lock rings and rear shields if they got damaged. But this time, I'll be sure to position them properly.

These were the parts used:
I had checked the width of HB reflector bowl beforehand and it was only able to accommodate the Mini series, any other shrouds will need to be sanded down.

HB LED projector and shroud attached. I actually had to enlarge the two holes on the top since they weren't large enough and didn't align with the shroud holes.

PCB board and the XL Semi DC-DC converter.

I used a metal file to circularly enlarge the hole to maintain consistency.

Once the hole was enough for the stem to fit through, a test fit was done, but showed the HB (yellow band) was pointing lower.

The hole was further enlarged, then used the included rubber gasket to allow movement inside the reflector bowl, this was key in getting the HB properly positioned. Included were a few metal rings, I grabbed the one that fit snugly so the lock ring can clamp onto. Now, the HB position is better and decided to use this.

Fitted and after baking.

Connection is through a generic 9005/9006 connector, however, the kit didn't include the wiring seals. I had previously bought some parts to make my own harness, so I grabbed two seals from there to use.

Everything put back together.

Went out for a drive at night and can definitely see a difference, though picture may not indicate it. Being LED, the color temp is definitely high, 5500K to 6000K, compared to the 4500K of the HID.

This was another fun project and easier this time from the recent past experiences.
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