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I know there are already a couple of these on here, but I just wanted to add to the comments :smile

I recently replaced the factory struts, dust covers and shocks of my 2011 V6 AWD RAV4 Limited with Sachs products. My vehicle had about 65,000 mi. on it at time of replacement.

Part numbers:
314 845 - Right front strut, Sachs
314 846 - Left front strut, Sachs
314 863 - Rear shock absorbers, Sachs (part number is for one, not a pair)
48157-0R010 - Strut dust cover (Toyota part number is for one, not a pair)

I am pretty sure I have been driving with blown out shocks and struts for several thousand miles but as anyone can tell you, they tend to fail slowly, so it took me a while to realize mine had gone bad. My feeling about their condition was confirmed when i inspected my tires and saw that they were cupping across the tread as they had been absorbing road impacts as opposed to the dampers doing their job.


These are definitely more stiff than the originals they replaced as they don't seem to yield like a Cadillac to every bump and hole in the road. That said, they are not uncomfortable and I wish these were spec'd from the factory as I prefer this kind of ride. I would not classify these as harsh but maybe a softer rear end would. I think it's safe to say these feel and perform a bit more sporty.

As you can see on the image below of the last two miles (1,100+ feet of incline on this portion) of my commute home every day I live within some mountains and hills. I also vacation in another mountain range so curvy road driving occurs a lot for me. I can say these parts make this vehicle handle and feel more secure than it ever did.

If you are looking a less boaty, slightly sportier ride out of your RAV4, I definitely recommend the Sachs struts & shocks for a great OE type replacement.
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