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Does anyone know if the RAV4 2015 has the Mirror Link feature that will allow an Android phone to be linked to the car's dashboard display, so that features on the phone, such as Google maps, can be shown and activated on the car's display?

Google maps are much more accurate than any GPS package that I can buy from Toyota (not to mention that it's free with my phone).

I have been using Google maps on my Samsung Note 4 android phone in my old vehicle, and I just attach the phone to the dashboard via a phone holder, but I am told that newer cars have the Mirror Link App that will mirror whatever is on my phone onto the dashboard display. I know some Toyota cars have allowed things like dialing and answering audio from the dashboard's display, after the phone pairs up via BlueTooth with the dashboard's display, but I need the video link so I can use Google maps from the phone.

Would appreciate any details if anyone has this feature on vehicles other than RAV4 as well.

The Mirror Link app is described here:
Thanks! Jd
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