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Discussion Starter · #1 · -- Toyota RAV4: was it based on Big Trak?

March 26, 2006

By Michael Booth

Specifications - RAV4 VVW-I XT3
Price on the road: £18 995-£26 995 (R207 800 - R295 300).
Maximum speed: 185km/h, 0-100km/h 10.6sec (as tested).
Combined fuel economy: 8.65 litres/100km.

The SUV craze of the last decade shows no sign of abating. Car companies continue to queue like 747's over Stansted to land their poshed-up Jeeps on our driveways.

To judge from their advertising, they seem to have got it into their heads that we all own Labradors and go surfing with Calvin Klein models. In fact, the massive demand for SUVs has nothing to do with Cornwall or wet dogs. I blame Big Trak.

Ask yourself this: who's buying this kind of car? People in their 30's, that's who. And what was the most desirable toy when they were kids, in the late 1970's? That's right, Big Trak*.

More to read at the full article...
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