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My 99 Rav 4 was written off...

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the insurance company wrote off my 99 Rav 4 - was such a simple low impact accident but it push my front drivers side wheel - a very sad loss. I bought an 03 Rav 4 now my first ever 21st century car
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after just doing the 2000 rav4 front collision damage repair.
yours at first glance does not look that bad.

yea i bought mine back after they totaled it.
the good part if you do this at the time they write the check
they do not change the title status here in Iowa.

fenders, bumper parts and hoods are all at ok prices if you can find them.
and good 4.1 ravs are well over $6000.00 in value.

I saw a few at the $10,000.00 price tag with 80k miles.

it depends on the rust on the under side if it is worth the bucks spent.

for me it was just the cost of materials as i do rebuilder cars and trucks.
a little tweak here and there and it looks ok.
and drives strait.
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I can't see any damage in your second picture. I would have expected the control arm, tie rod, or possibly the strut being bent but from that angle I can't see it. Like iowagold said, the overall amount of rust in the chassis is the main criteria for keeping it or letting it go to the crusher. Everything else is available and swappable.
Usually the insurance company will let you keep a totaled vehicle for about 10% of the settlement. Find a "mechanic's special" on Craigslist, FBM, etc. to swap over your good parts to, then sell the rest of the parts and finally the hulk.
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