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Hi. Been a long-time member of various VW and BMW threads.

My daughter just bought a 2000 RAV 4 (2wd auto). We were looking for a cheap, dependable car. I couldn't find anything obviously wrong with it - and I did a compression test of all four cylinders (150-155 psi).

Immediate problem I fixed was warped front rotors. New pads and rotors fixed that.

Next issue is probably going to be to check out the steering column squeak, and the steering pump also squeals when the motor's just started up. I guess that means that she probably needs a new pump.

Doesn't look like there's any serious oil leaks. The car runs fine, passed smog.

I'm looking for a good shop manual for this truck. I usually go for the Bentley, but it doesn't seem that Bentley publishes one for this truck, this age. (I understand that posting direct links to manuals on this forum is forbidden - I'm just looking to know what's the recommended shop manual for this truck).

I've done some searching on some other Toyota forums, but I'm really just looking for some common DIY procedures, torque values, known-issues and gotchas for this truck, etc.

I've worked on a lot of VW's, a couple of BMW's, Honda/Integra, Chevy's, and Toyotas. My wife's current car is a 2010 Yaris.
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