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Just picked it up few weeks ago 165000 kilometers,green color and grey bottom skirting with the rear and side bumpers,air,tilt cruise,antilock brakes,tinted glass,wind deflectors,strut tower brace,16" aluminum rims.So i believe the original owner ordered it totally loaded.Interior is mint but lots off rust under neath,had it rust proofed myself,had to do timing belt and the seal on the drive shaft (4wd) had blown so got a used one from wreckers,much smoother ride now was shaking like a blender with ice cubes.U joint were bad also.I changed all fluids.Is it just me or r thease lil trucks a dog on acelleration off the line,theres just no power at all,did a tune up but no diff.I think theres too much drag with the 4wd and under sized engine.Once under way it goes great on hwy.
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