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96-00 Mk1 Toyota Rav4 5-door Cargo Luggage Load Boot Trunk Security Cover | eBay

I recently sold my 1997 Rav4 2.0 VX to my brother-in-law, complete with a Cargo Cover which I had sourced, as the remaining one in the country, back in 2012 from Toyota UK.

During the intermittent period, I subsequently refurbished the original non-useable Cargo Cover that came with the car by fitting it with a new UK factory-made spring.

Until now it has remained in my attic, but as I no longer have the car and I am only too aware that these items are “as rare as hen’s teeth”, I have placed it on eBay in the hope that some needy Mk1 5-door Rav4 owner somewhere in the world will be able to make maximum use of it.

Good luck, if you decide to bid!
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