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#valnar regarding the Forester, you said "wouldn't need to worry about that boxer engine or CVT"... I'm curious why you see the boxer engine and the CVT as negatives. I bought a 2015 CVT Forester in April after comparing it to all the competition. I was VERY impressed with that transmission for many reasons. MPG was outstanding! Even though I really liked it and would recommend the CVT Forester to all, I just traded it in on a manual transmission just because I didn't like feeling disconnected from the driving experience. As for the boxer engine, other than noise on acceleration, which sounds kinda cool to me, I don't see any down side. Anyway, since the Forester is really still new to me, I'm wondering if you didn't like the CVT and boxer engine as a matter of personal preference, or some tech/mechanical issues I don't know about?

PS: I do agree that the Forester is very basic. It reminds me of the first generation rav4 with more hp :)
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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