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I am owner of RAV 4; 2013; 2.0; 4wd; CVT.
I am ETO in Viken Shipping, working at Brazil at the oil fields on board shuttle tanker.
I am from Russia, we also have forum and always discuss about problems and different troubles with our cars. As I found here we have exactly the same situation, many owner complaining about rear suspension, they found that ride is not so comfortable due to heavy impacts at the rear side of car when you crossing manholes covers for example.
Specially with my car all ok, I don't have any troubles during my 22 thousands kilometers. It is my first Toyota, actually impression is ok, but I have replaced stock tires Yk. geolander 91 due to heavy noise, I use now Michelin latitude cross, very nice tires, also I have additionally installed original GPS navigation system.
I am here to compare opinions of owners about RAV4 from different countries.
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