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Just an FYI... posted this over at BITOG if interested...;f=6;t=002844

The Readers Digest version is that if you can find the genuine Toyota oil filter part # 90915-10004 made by Denso in Japan - buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AFAIK, this filter is only available on special order. If you walk into the Toyota parts dept they will sell you a very ordinary unimpressive filter, 90915-1YZZ?.

If you can't get the Denso 90915-10004 filters, then take a good look at the WIX/NAPA Gold #1396 filter. This is a VERY, very well made filter and is the correct filter fitment for our RAV4s.
Should be no issues with Toyota on this one, as it's a better made filter than the 90915-1YZZ?? the dealers sell.

For those of us normally into Purolaters, the Pure One equivalent for the WIX/NAPA Gold 1396 is listed on the Purolater web site, but is not yet in retail stores.
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