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I am new to this so just going with what I have gathered. So, about a week ago I was steady cruising down the highway in the dark when I hit a big puddle. I heard a clunk, didn't think much of it. Next morning, there is a tube hanging down underneath my car...

Check engine, VSC and 4WD lights come on after a week

So yesterday, I took my 2007 Rav4 V6 sport 4WD to the Toyota dealership to see what was missing and they came back... I need a new charcoal canister and filter. Okay, that's great. But I still cannot figure out the actual tube is connected to. UNTIL, I creepily started finding other Rav4's in my neighborhood and looking to see what their tube was connected to. After researching all the parts they would have been replacing for the $1235.50 price tag, none of them were this black box that I found on another car. See Photos, photo 1 is the other car with attached box and other mystery tube. next two photos are my car...with missing box and tube??

Would anybody be able to tell me what this box is and does? I am confused?

I am thankful any information, just trying to piece this together before I make an investment.
Thank you!


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