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Hi good people of rav4world,

I'm from tacomaworld, and I own a 16 Tacoma.
I signed up to ask a question about the exterior mirrors on the driver and passenger side of 2015 (not 16) model RAV4.
I have a mod in mind, and I want to do a swap of my mirrors like user @czgu
Could somebody please let me know whether the shape of mirror inside the mirror housing of a 2015 RAV4 (the reflecting part obviously) is similar in size and shape to that of a 2016 RAV4 ?
The reason I am asking to check this is because I know Toyota makes minor changes from year to year even though both models are of the same generation.

I plan to detach the mirrors with BSM from the mirror housing of a 2015 RAV4 and install those mirrors inside my 2016 Taco's mirror housing. I purchased the sensors separately from a user from eBay.
I already know the mirror size, shape of a 2016 RAV4 is compatible with 2016 Tacoma.

Thanks for reading.
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