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I'm having trouble figuring out what type of backup camera I have in order to repair it.

I bought a new 2009 RAV4 from the dealer in 2008 and they installed an aftermarket backup camera before I took delivery.

Recently, the backup camera became nonfunctional and I realized that wires had become dislodged from a small black box glued to the undersurface of the rear of my vehicle. (see pictures)

Four multicolor came from the undersurface of my car into this box. Four different multicolor wires extended from the backup camera to this box. I am not sure whether this box is a simple connector or a transmitter (it doesn't have an antenna)

Does anyone have any idea what type of aftermarket camera Toyota was using in 2008 that looks like this? I think all I need is a new black box like the one in the pictures. The video on the rearview mirror seems to be working as the monitor (with snowstorm) appears every time I shift to reverse. Or maybe there's a simple conversion I can make to an RCA system using my working existing mirror monitor?

The dealer does not have a record of the type of camera that was installed. I took it to a local auto sound shop and they did not have any idea either as they were used to seeing RCA cables.

Any help would be appreciated!

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