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Thank you Sir! I've been reading this forum and I think a member one way or another since Gen.#1.
I've read and enjoyed your posts and got some good info from you.
This is the 3rd Rav 4.1 I've owned. A 99 Limited AWD , had This one since new as well. She only has 100k on plenty of life left.
I've read your posts over the years...So I'm finally starting my long overdue modifications.
I'm setting this one up, as a desert prerunner style..
I had Baja desert style bumpers built on our 1st one way back in 1997, pretty trick the only one like it I've ever viewed. Difficult with a unibody

This one's going to be a little more serious. With full PreRunner front bumper extending under to protect all drivetrain.
Suspension is still moderate but will have cut and modified strut perches,and extended housings running Bilstien B6s in the front, Plated unibody on the strut/shock mounts. Also cut and welded wheel arch openings for clearance at fenderwells.
Fox Shocks in the rear sitting on basic 1.5" OME springs. Holding 245/75/16 30.4" dia Mud Terrains. Technically I should have clearance for 265 75 r16 at 31.6 diameter... That might be a possibility I'm not going to do anything there until I have the struts reinstalled.
I don't really want wide tires.... I'm looking forMud Terrains in around a 225 to 235/85/16...but haven't located any such biggie either way...I just want ground clearance.
I also purchased a used locking differential from a member here about a year-and-a-half ago but after inspecting it; it is unfortunately completely worn out and needs to be rebuilt.
So so either that or I'll be on the lookout for the best one I can find once I get her back on the road.

Anyways parts are on order, Have to pick up some 96-97 strut housings at a junkyard
Once underway, I'll start a post here...showing progress and results.

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I'm glad I could help out.

That sounds like quite the list of mods. Be aware that the anemic 3S-FE engine won't be very reponsive with tires that large. I have 235/75-16 tires which are 29.9" and it really impacts acceleration. I'll be replacing them with something a around 29.5" as soon as I get back on my engine transplant which has been delayed thanks to the virus.
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