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need your help guys and gals regarding turn signal bulbs, as one of my orange turn signals located in my headlights have blown out. I cant seem to find a replacement. I know months ago, someone posted pics of theirs and they made them blue, I figure if I have to change them id like to put the blueish ones in there, if anyone can help me finding 2 bulbs since i will replace both at the same time id appreciate it. email me at [email protected]

also, my year is a 2002, L edition. I was wondering if anyone has changed the bulbs on the bottom, as in the fogs and the turning signals to either super white or blue. If anyone can help id appreciate it and thank you

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Before you change your bulbs to a different color (blue colored bulbs will give off a white appearance); be sure that it will not violate any laws in your state. Here in Hawaii, turn signals in the front have to be an amber color.

Sorry I can't help you on the bulbs (since I have a 4.1 RAV); but they should be a common item at any auto supply store. Just look in your manual to find what type of bulb it is. :D

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the bulb should be a 194 or 168 wedge bulb.. and there are plenty of places that have em... it should say in your car manual.

even if u do change them to blue, it wouldn't work because your signals have a amber cap inside the housing... but it will glow a very nice yellow with the blue bulb behind the amber cap.

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Turn Signals

The turn signals are a standard clear 7440 bulb, the same bulb that the top stop light and rear turn signals use. The brake lights are 7443 bulbs (dual filement).

Don't use those blue tinted bulbs under any colored lens - they are just too dark, especially under the amber (the blue tinting filters out the yellow, which is what you want). Use only clear bulbs all around for the brightest light.

I am using Polarg L-15 and L-16 Lens Type clear bulbs in my Rav4. These are very bright clear bulbs because they have a lens in the top of the bulb. They run about $15 each (not cheap) from Upgrade Motoring. These bulbs are very impressive and brighter than stock.

The Marker bulbs are a standard 168 W5W wedge bulb, and are a bit difficult to change, unless you have small hands. The drivers side wedge can be reached from the engine area, the passengers can be reached by pulling back the black plastic cover in the wheel well and reaching in (don't remove any screws).

I purchased some Philips P3652 W5W wedge bulbs from Daniel Stern Lighting These are supposed to be 50%+ brighter bulbs, but still 5 Watts. $4 each isn't too bad.

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Backup Bulbs

I talked to Daniel Stern yesterday about better W2 reverse bulbs and he did not have any suggestions for improvement on that bulb type. The W2 bulb is a weird design.

You can try Polarg M-06 or PIAA 19224 for bright white light (both are blue coated bulbs). I am trying to find Polarg Lens Type L-08, which is also blue coated, but with a lens built into the top of the bulb, to focus more light out the top of the bulb. I have the Polarg Lens Type L-15 and L-16 bulbs in the RAV4 now, and these are very bright Clear Bulbs.

I have a photo of my Polarg M-06 reverse lights on my website. These are very bright and white as the photo shows.

The Polarg M-06 seemed slightly brighter than the PIAA 19224 in my opinion, when comparing the two.

Upgrade Motoring carry the Polarg B1 and Polarg Lens Type bulbs:
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