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Good day everyone,

My name is Moe and I am from Canada.
I made the switch from a 2005 jeep grand cherokee to a 2003 rav4 this january. While I was truly enjoying my ride, I needed something that was a little smaller with some kick to it. Also, something easier to repair and less expensive on the gas...Well I think I found love guys!

My RAV4:
Paid 4800$
154 355km on the engine at the time of purchase ( Now 158 550km), which was probably swapped, based on the markings on it; seller couldn't tell me (Only redflag).
Engine works flawlessly thought.
Very good esthetic condition.
I suspect that the guy had put some sort of transmission rebuild juice or wtv you want to call it, right before selling it to me. Absolutely no soun, but a control arm I could hear during the test drive, so I bought it anyways and changed the driver's side control arm; no more sound !
Now, roughly after 3 months, I am hearing some transmissiom/transfert case sound that I do not like...I will be posting in the appropriate forum section later on.



Thanks y'all !

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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