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Hello All:

I have been waiting it seems forever for a base Barcelona Red with side and curtain air bags. It is now only a week or so away just as soon as it passes though the Gulf States Distributor terminal in Spring, TX.

Although I live in Austin we found a dealer near Houston who would discount a little and really try to get you what you wanted. Dealers here are still getting MSRP as demand is high and supply is low. Many are presold.

My wife and I looked at EVERYTHING and were usually dissapointed. I hadn't considered the RAV4 because it was too small for our two Briard sheep dogs--until I found the 2006 had grown. We needed at least as much room as our Volvo wagon and the same mileage or better. Quality was an issue too. The RAV4 makes a perfect fit at about 8 grand less that we paid for the Volvo 5 years ago. It is a great vehicle and a great value. Home run Toyota. Can't wait to pick it up.

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