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Hey all,

Good point puttputt about your post in the OffTopic forums regarding so many new members but not enough intros, so here goes after 72 posts... A real intro...

Born and raised on SI in NYC. Move to Boston in 1994 and been here ever since.

Work as a Sr. Tech Support Engineer for formerly Concord Communications which was bought up by CA (Computer Associates) 9 months ago. Soon to be a Business Analyst/Project Manager in another few weeks. Just waiting for them to find my replacement so I can move on to something new after the same thing for 5.5 years.

Since this is an auto-club forum, I'll stick to my vehicular history.

Grew up with family vehicles consisting of full size sedans (an old Caprice Classic was the standard) and full size station wagons (had a Buick, Olds, and Chevy over the years). They were used for regular camping trips and scouting events.

Started driving those vehicles on the private roads (paved and dirt) owned by the Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts of America on their Ten Mile River scout reservation in upstate NY. It's 14,000+ acres near Monticello and the PA border. Those were the good old days when my dad didn't get in trouble for letting his 16 year old son take the big V8 station wagon out on those dirt roads. So much fun. Rally style driving a car like that is so much fun.

Been 'legally' :twisted: driving since 1992 when I turned 17 and got my license.

First car was an 81 Buick Riviera. Loved that thing!! :)
That cars tranny went and I ditched it at a junk yard for $50. Reverse went first and it was quite a site to see me driving and pushing with one foot out the door, and my buddy outside pushing, trying to parralel park that beast in Boston!! :shock: :lol:

Went three years without a car. Then my mom passed away and my father wanted me to have reliable transport so I could visit him on a regular basis so he bought me a 1994 Olds 88 in 1998. That car served me well.

Bought that with 49,500 miles on it, and drove it until I got the new RAV on 2/06/06. It has 167,500 on it. I must say, for a GM product, it did well and had no real issues. Worst repair was a new master brake cylinder a few years ago. Though near the end, the trunk had a leak I couldn't pinpoint that was pretty bad and made the car smell like rotten eggs on a warm day. Not fun.

Finally saved up the $$ for my new RAV and took the plunge. I love it and couldn't be happier with the purchase. Had it since 2/06/06 (had 430 miles on it) and it now has 1600 miles on it.

My RAVs details:
06 Limited 4x4 I4
Nautical Metallic Blue
Ash Grey Leather interior w/ Heated Seats (port install)
Side Airbags
Power Sunroof
Automate alarm w/ Remote Start (port install)
Tonneau Cover for rear cargo area
Cargo net hanging off bars for rear cargo area
Carpet Floor mats

Future mods:
- Mudguards should arrive today to get installed this weekend.
- Husky Front Seat, Rear Seat and Cargo Area liners
- Auto-dim mirror
- Find a better light from another vehicle or in the aftermarket, and put it in the rear cargo door where the crappy little standard one is.
- ?????? who knows what else!! :)

Lastly, thanks Kelly for a great forum. Also, thanks to all the members around here for making this forum so great. No immature flaming and name calling. Just discussion and opinions taken as such, opinions. Lets try to keep it that way!!

Any questions or comments, feel free to post here or PM me.

Michael Poller

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Thanks flyingn and puttputt.

I can be a bit wordy sometimes (job demands it so it spills into the rest of my life sometimes) which isn't necessarily always a bad thing... :)

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Wouldn't be good on a 911 call!

Great intro, feel like I know you already. Same age etc. Welcome on here to bad you waited so long to introduce yourself. Should be the first post everyone makes. Took me a few before I did as well.

Enjoy! Later. M. 8)
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