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New Footwell Lighting

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Had a pro installer add led footwell lights. I can't believe the difference it makes to the overall brightness.
It used to be, if an item fell onto the floor, it could be tough to locate with the solid black interior. Not any more.

The white led's come on anytime the door is opened. They immediately shut
off when the doors close.

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The color leds are a separate rig and can be turned on or off anytime via remote... even if the ignition is off.
Put on some music after the sun sets, turn on the lights and cruise... it's a nice vibe!

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Handy idea, .... I've done it to all my vehicles, but on a dedicated switch mounted into the dash. Nothing worse than having dropped something and fumbling about while trying to keep an eye on the road. Also great for when the missus wants to look for something in her travel bag, the light can be quite bright but being low does not distract the driver.
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