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Hi All-
I live in Central Massachusetts- and just bought a 2002 Rav4L for my wife. It was quite by accident, as we went to Peter's Auto Center in Nashua looking for a 2003 CRV-EX, but someone was putting temporary plates on as we pulled into lot.

I got a 2002 Sapphire Blue L version, with 23,800 miles and auto. This thing is probably one of the prettiest Rav's I've seen stock. It has the rear spoiler and roof rails, and the chrome side rails under the doors. I really like the monotone body color as opposed to the silver bumpers and door trim.

As we drove it home last nite- I was actually quite shocked as to just how good the factory stereo system sounds.

I will leave it stock, as I have work to due to my other two cars(I have a late 99 Nissan Pathfinder and 1992 Accord EX coupe(from California) that is just begging for my attention), although I do plan to find some silver steelies for the winter with real winter tires. The Dueler H/T's are not the greatest, and I had them on my Pathy from factory. About 30K and they become slick as $%^& in either rain or snow.

I've been lurking for a couple of days just to see what kind of sites were out there once my wife decided it was the RAV. Keep up the spirit!

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