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Hello all,
Im a Mechanical Engineer studying in the USA but i live in Dubai. I have a bone stock 1999 Rav4 AWD 2door, its in great shape and is getting ready for Mod Galore. I have 2000$ US im going to drop on her this may...

Mods in May :

Port and Polish Head
CAI Intake system
2.5" Exhaust system
Performance rebuild for the 3S-FE engine
New Alltrac Transmission

That should come out to about 2 grand. Thats what ill be doing this summer. As soon as i head back dubai ill post pics of my car. Ive had her for a while but i just got cash to do something to her. She is a real desert machine.

At first, when i saw the rav4 my dad bought, i thought it was a joke, it looked like a toy (mind you, mine is bright green). It was bone stock, i hated it. My friends called it a piece of sh*t, no cd player, fabric seats, all that. I think the first thing that got me going was when i looked inside and saw it was a manual, i think thats when the first spark hit.

After a few months of embaressment, hiding from the girls etc, something wierd and strange happened. A girl came from germany and was staying at my house, so naturally, i took her out and showed her a good time. She had been hearing about the desert sands in dubai. Ive been driving in the desert for a while with my mitsubishi pajero, but i never let the rav4 touch the sand, i thought the rav4 would fall apart. (but you know, girls make you show off )

So, i took her to this small desert playground ontside the city and let down the pressure to 13R 12F and went for a little ride. Thats when it hit me. This car is so god damn light, and has more than enough power for its weight. The ground clearence for the 3 door is impressive. So i took her out some more, pushed her harder (the car not the girl :) ) and got some nice air time on a couple of occasions. A couple of locals came up and are like "is that a rav4 dune bashing? " and im like "yeah, who knew?" ...

Little to say, they were impressed, i was very impressed. My view of the rav4 changed permanently.

I think the rav4 is the king of the desert at this point. The rav4 3 door outperforms land crusers on the straight, outperforms nissan patrols, outperforms Pajeros.

This car has a soul of a warrior, and this summer, its my goal to bring this soul out to play.

With all your compiled experience, i think i can make this work. And if it works on my car, i will share it with all of you. Lets get the word out there that the rav4 is not just a toy.


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Hey Abood,

I'm planning a trip to Dubai next year for maybe a week or two....
maybe we could keep in contact via this site and you can give me some pointers etc.
will be my first time to the middle east.

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