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Hello all.

We bought a new base model RAV4 back in 2006 and it now has 110,000 miles on it. The only real issue was the transmission needed replaced at 92k miles. Next month it will be going to our son and as of Saturday I purchased a slightly used 2015 red XLE with 21k miles on the clock. I was looking for a 2015 because it didn't have keyless start and all of the new mandated safety features that the 2018's have. I was hunting for a 2017 in red but they are almost completely drained of stock due to how well RAV4s sell. The dealership by us had a red 2017 XLE that they had 6k off of but it sold on Friday.

The previous owner had a Viper remote start installed.

Anything I should know about 2015s like watch for this or that? I bought a Toyota extended warranty 6 year 100k miles.

Anyway this forum has been a great wealth of knowledge so far.
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