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Hi everyone. I am a 2-time Rav4 owner in my 16th year of ownership who just loves these cars! I use mine for the usual: zipping around the city, going to work and the ocassional trip. I live on the coast of Maine in the northeast USA and have just on-street parking, so my cars have no relief from the elements or tree junk. Regardless, I keep them up to the best I am able until there is no more to be had.

I just traded in my 2002 red awd Rav with base trim which I had bought new in the fall of '01. It only had 215000 miles on it (I'm a former Volvo owner so 215000 miles just rates an 'only'). But last winter, rust was found in the sub frame so I had to accept that it was time for a new car.

After looking at all the new small suv's and not finding anything that in imo has seats as good as my 02's, I refocused my search on the second generation Rav's and ended up buying....... Wait for it...... Another '02 Rav with only 82000 miles.

The new old car is a 2002 gorgeous dark green awd Rav4 with the L trim package and leather seats. It is close to mint and with only 82000 miles on it so I hope to get 5-10 years.

So that is the short story (lol) of me and mine. Like so many others, I come to this site to gain and benefit from your collective wisdom and hope to contribute over time!

ElaineRavi ?
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