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New member with some questions

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Hello fellas, not new to Toyotas but I just purchased a 1997 Rav4 that I am using as a daily commuter. I love this thing, it's been great so far. It was well maintained with only two previous owners, it has 205k miles. AWD and 5 speed manual which is exactly what I was looking for. The car is clean for it's age I'd say.

Since I purchased it a month ago I've done the following:

- Transmission/transfer case fluid
- Rear differential fluid
- Rear differential mount (rear, DMGreenTech "Heavy Duty")
- Oil change
- Coolant drained and filled til clear and switched to Toyota Red
- Tune up (new Denso cap/rotor/plugs)
- New air filter
- Adjusted rear brakes
- Fuel injection servicing
- Pioneer headunit

The thing runs great. I have some questions though. I am considering going with an aftermarket exhaust, header to a custom exhaust.

I'm debating the OBX manifold but I'm concerned about emissions. What does everyone do about the first oxygen sensor that normally goes in the manifold? Do you weld on a bung? If so, where?

I plan on getting that manifold and then adding a catalytic converter shorter past the collectors and then putting the second oxygen sensor right after it.

How does the header fit on these cars, I know it's technically made for the Celica with the 3S-FE.

Thanks in advance!

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Looking good! :thumbs_up:

If they haven't been done recently, add the under-hood fuel filter, water pump, and timing set to your to-do list. Use an OEM part for the first, and high-quality for the latter two.

If you get a puff of smoke on most or all cold-starts, read the threads on changing the valve stem seals.

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Just an update. Going a different route with my exhaust. Decided that I will cut right before the secondary cat, weld on a new 2" high flow cat, then have piping go to a 2" resonator, to a 2.25" Dynomax Super Turbo muffler. Will take me a few weeks to take it to the exhaust shop but it should be really nice when it's all said and done.

Also replaced my original oxygen sensors (or what I think were original). They looked pretty contaminated and have over 200k miles on them if they are indeed original. My throttle response and acceleration have smoothed out since replacement. Very happy with the results. Purchased both of these Denso OE oxygen sensors from Amazon for $90 shipped.

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