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Hi All,

I am new to the Rav scene, and in need of help and advice.

So it's a 2001 Rav 4, Japanese import. It swears at you in Japanese every time you switch it on.
The previous owner called it Fiona, from the Shrek movies. But I think Shrek suits it better.

Once pay day is a little closer, I want to give it a service. Fresh engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.
This is the first automatic, power-steering, aircon, abs-equipped car I have ever owned. So it will require a bit of reading up and learning.

Having had it 2 days and put a massive 40km on, I have noticed a few things I didn't notice during the two test drives I took it on initially.

1. There is a knock, seems to be in the vicinity of the front right wheel. At first I thought it was a CV, but happens randomly, and I have tried turning full-lock left and right while going forward, reversing, etc. I am hoping something is just a little loose.

2. As you accelerate just before it shifts up a gear there's an electrical-like buzz sound, which seems like it is coming from the left rear. I thought it might be the fan or aircon, but it happens even if everything is switched off.
ECU? Seems that might be fitted front left, near the cubbyhole though

3. The electric mirrors don't work. I can't find the fuse and I want to rule that out before I haul the switch out. Though, I might give the switch a spray of compressed air- it has some of the Kalahari Desert in there

4. The fog lights don't work. I will check the bulbs, but also need to know where the fuse is. Ideas?

5. The light for the airbags flashes continuously. According to the manual I found online, either there is damage somewhere in the seat belt pretensioner, or it was in a minor bump (not fast or hard enough to activate the airbags). The manual says to take it in the nearest Toyota dealer. Well, I don't trust them here (they messed up a friend's Prado's gearbox and then charged him for it). My Golf never had airbags, so I am thinking I should just disable these? The flashing light is really annoying.

6. I just downloaded a service manual online. In my Golf I only ever had to chuck in engine oil.
The previous owner of the Rav used GTX High Mileage oil, which is all good.
But, what transmission and gearbox fluid should be used?

Ah, the joys of vehicle ownership!

Looking forward to your thoughts!
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