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04 Rav4 AWD Automatic 2.4l 4cyl 149k on odo
> wife loves it and calls it "Ravi44" . LOL

Its new to me , i'm the 3rd owner .
i have all the paper work back to day 1 of its lease , the original owner paid off and kept her till 2013 , when my Grandfather bought her.
she was dealer serviced regularly until 2013 . My pop was a heavy mechanic before he retired . he did all his own work till now .

but pop liked to find things in the snow with his bumpers so they have been replaced a few times. :surprise

i have been clearing rust and painting black where needed.

I just had the fun of getting the rear diff filler plug open . Bit of PB Blaster 2 taps form a hammer , 2nd hit of blaster and 15 min later it opened with my 6 inch small ratchet . LOL .
I will do a full fluid change working back to front and taking a rust inventory .
I finally got the front left park light replaced. that was fun .

Here in NL Canada , rust just kills everything .

the Rav4 weighs less than my old car , and 2x the power. >:D

my 2002 kia Rio , is just not up too the winter here and it died 2 days ago. LOL engine is fine , transmission rusted to death. :frown
( white car behind the Rav 4 )

I'm sure I will have days of reading up here.

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seems so . and well i live rite next to the ocean so .. its a death sentence for any car .
see pic taken from my kitchen window in winter .

now i have to figure out a pesky random fuel gauge .

some times especialy when it's been hot out , i can read as much as 1/2 a tan lower than it is , and it can chance reading with subsequent starts .

i have left the house with 1/8 th tank , and arrived at work with a jut over 1/2 showing . and by tracking millage and how much i putting 1/2 is about correct .

i need to find thread on trouble shooting this . It could just be a bad ground at sender .
I need to find a trouble shooting thread and work through it .

I have repaired supposedly non serviceable senders before. but you never quite know what you get with a used veh.


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