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Got tired of Toyota sending me 'reminders' to fill out the new owner survey, and since I had a few spare minutes, went ahead.

Gave generally good feedback, but I really laid into them about a few things. The lack of base with FM audio, with a note that Toyota knows about this and since they won't fix, I have to assume they don't care about their customers.

Also about the harsh ride with the Limited and lack of "luxury" features in the Limited trim level. And, the lack of an 'idiot' light on the dashboard that indicated the headlight status. If there is one, I haven't found it. I run with the headlights in auto mode and would really like to know if they are on or not, especially in dusk situations.

Also raged on them about the paint chips on the hood due to gravel hits. My car has barely over 7,000 miles on it, and there are a lot of little 'pin prick' holes in the hood.

Great car, but with the lack of engineering, as far as the interior goes, I could only give them a 3 out of 10 for recommending a Toyota product to family/friends. Basically, the Limited trim level needs to be more 'Lexus-like'. Not a Lexus, but more than an LE or XLE.
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