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Picked up my new RAV (Mr. Easter Bunny) on April 15 and got 21.1 MPG on my first tank of gas - 87 Octane - while driving 90% around-town driving and one 40 mile cruise.

Have driven Toyotas since having to get an '82 Tercel in 1984 for fuel mileage necessity (I was driving a 1976 Lincoln Towne Car at the time). Since then I have purchased for me and my wife: Another Tercel, two Corollas, a Camry all used. I then purchased a new '94 Camry, '97 Camry, '01 Echo, '02 RAV4 and finally the '06 RAV4.

Have absolutely loved every Toyota and each has been bought from my hometown Toyota Dealer.

Great forum with knowledgable posters - Don't find that combination too often! :cheers:
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