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Hi all,

Just purchased a new to us 2013 Rav4 XLE. 32k miles. Went in service at the end of January 2014 so it is about 2.5 years old. Also spent most of it's life in Arizona. Getting under a car that has lived through 2 winters and not seeing ANY rust on any nut or bolt or anywhere is pretty amazing. I'm from Canada and all it takes is one winter.

My wife is over the moon with this vehicle. Has a lot of luxuries we didn't have in our previous primary vehicle such as sunroof or NAV or even better - separate HVAC controls so I can be cool and she can be hot.

We were car shopping to replace our aging, high mileage, rusting 13 year old Dodge Caravan. We were primarily looking at the Mazda CX5 and Hyundai Santa Fe. They have a 40-20-40 split back seat that suited our needs. My wife is a musician and we frequently travel with her keyboard (and the kids too). The keyboard doesn't fit most vehicles along with backseat passengers. The 40-20-40 split made it possible to load the keyboard down the center.

We weren't looking for a Toyota. We were shopping for a used car and chose a dealer at random after many unfruitful attempts to negotiate an acceptable deal on several Santa Fe. The salesman showed us the Rav4 first and then that was it. There would be no other car for us. Thankfully the keyboard fits along the back just behind the wheel wells.

The Rav4 was little over our budget but we felt that based on Toyota's reputation and Hyundai's not as stellar reputation that the Rav4 was worth the extra cost.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you all and learning more about our great car.


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