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Hey all. We just bought a RAV4 to join our Toyota family. It will be moving with us in approx a year to Honduras to do missions and run our coffee farm. We also have a '87 4R that's set up for trails and working on the coffee farm.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of our Rav. We Just bought it last week. 2010 RAV4 Base w/added leather, 4WD w/65k on the clock.

So far we've tinted the windows limo all around except the front window. Put in Weathertech mats all throughout. Ordered LEDs for everything inside and out, plus HID conversion kit. I'll be mounting a roof rack and rear hitch. Still working on lift options as I only want an inch lift really just for a bit of added clearance.

Hope to use this for the next 10yrs. We just retired our Jeep Grand Cherokee after 7yrs and 246k miles!

-Daniel Kent

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