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My first post on We recently purchased a 2016 XLE AWD and have been very pleased, having put on over 800 miles in two weeks. The RAV4 replaced a beloved 2001 Sequoia that was faithful transport for our many sons, who are now all grown. It was a good time to downsize.

Also considered was the Santa Fe Sport 2.0 turbo and the Acura RDX. After test driving all of them, we were sold on the value and reputation of Toyota. It has enough tech to keep me happy, is a solid performer, gets acceptable gas mileage and is very comfortable. Additionally, the body refresh on the 2016 is attractive. It reminds me of where the Acura RDX might have gone had they continued on improving the 2012 body style instead of going the plenum grill direction. We were really impressed with how the RAV4 took on snow/ice in the Sierra's during a recent road trip.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the RAV4 through this website and read with interest the many posts about the 10K oil change, which is something that goes against my past experiences but hey, I'm open to change.0:)

Happy New Year!
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