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Newbie - extended warranty?

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After owning 5 CRVs and one Pilot I finally purchased a 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid EXL with ( 17000 miles ). I've had it for five days and I am very impressed by the ride and by the quiet motor. The exterior is white and the interior is beige. First vehicle in a long time that does not have a black interior and my wife loves the color. I was offered an extended warranty and frankly I do not know what to do .This vehicle is loaded with electrical components and a lot can break down.For the moment I have the manufacturers warranty but somewhere down the line I will have to decide If I buy an extended warranty. I would appreciate some feedback from long term Rav4 Hybrid owners to help me decide.Very happy to be part of this forum and I have already learned a few things about the Rav 4 just by reading the post.
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Welcome to the forum. Regarding extended warranties (actually VSAs) there have been lots of posts. Suggest using the Search Community function at the top of this page - also saves yet another instance of reinventing the wheel. Canada and the U.S. apparently have some differences regarding VSAs so suggest concentrating on Canadian responses.
Thank you Blogson.....I will check out search community.
Definitely read all the “extended warranty” sections. Buying one is a personal decision but getting ripped off is easily done without the knowledge and various recommended sources that offer very reasonable pricing, in some cases half of what some other dealers are quoting.
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