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The blower motor on my wife's 2009 RAV4 2.5L base model simply did not turn on Friday.

Here's the path: power source to fuses to relay to motor to switch to resistor to ground.

Checked the fuses: good.

I used a 12v test light on both wires of the motor's connection with the ignition on, fan speed turned to high and the connector unplugged and plugged, and there was no power to either wire in any case.

I pulled the relay and bypassed the 30 and 87 positions with a paperclip and got the motor to activate. It blew at a low speed with the ignition on and off. I tried a new relay and the blower motor again didn't activate.

Everything on the control panel (blender/recirculate door indicator light and control, rear defrost indicator light) works with the old and new relay with the exception of the A/C compressor indicator light. And of course the blower motor itself.

The standard test for the blower motor resistor is whether the blower motor runs on the highest setting but none of the lower settings (during which the action of the resistor is in play). There was no varying degree of failure with the blower motor. It just stopped working. And again with the paperclip jumper engaged, I only got one low speed from the blower motor (both with the ignition on and off).

That leaves the switch. The only test indicated was the one I performed on the wires of the blower motor connector. If the switch is bad, there should still be power reaching the blower motor given the path (fuses>relay>motor>switch>resistor>ground).

I don't want to buy a new resistor and find out it's the switch or vice versa. Any help narrowing down the problem of no power to the blower motor when a relay is plugged in vs some power with a jumper in place would be great.

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