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First off, thank you so much for you time and help in reading this. I've searched the sites and forums looking for answers. Here is what I've got going on:

A friend of mind took her RAV4 to the dealers they wanted 1300 and told her the reason why it wasn't starting was the crank shaft position sensor. She doesn't have that type of money so I've offered to help, and I need some help please and thank you.

I replaced the timing belt and the crankshaft position sensor and he cam position sensor was changed very recently. I am certain the crank is at TDC and the cam should be to. I got a mirror and believe I'm seeing the line behind the hole (I believe I read you don't line it up to the dimpled hole behind the cam gear but instead line it with a dimpled line) at around 11 o'clock. When I wave a piece of metal next to the crankshaft position sensor (with the ignition on) I hear a clicking noise in the engine bay. Is there a tolerance with the sensor, for example, if the teeth are worn a little is there a distance away from the magnet that would be too far to read? The crank gear doesn't look too bad, but a little worn.

I've hooked up a meter to the wire harnesses that plug into the coils and with the ignition on I read 12.45 v so they are getting power...I ohm checked the two coils and they read 13.2 which was the same ohm reading I got with a new coil...

The problem I am having is no spark or voltage coming from the coil when I turn the key...any help with be tested and appreciated
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