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Not much talk about the 2016 model year?

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I'm a little surprised that there isn't much talk on here about what might be new in 2016 for the RAV4. My wife really likes the current generation so we are excited to see what might be in store for this mid-cycle refresh.

I guess the big news is the addition of the hybrid and SE trim levels.
I have also seen that they have revised the front fascia and I'm not sure that I like it. Is that maybe only for the se model? (hope so).

It also looks like they may have put in better cup holders and eliminated that tacky faux carbon fiber

Five Things You Need To Know About the 2016 Toyota RAV4 » News

2016 Toyota RAV4 Preview | J.D. Power
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Were you looking at the nutmeg pictures? Because Cinnamon doesn't look anything like mustard yellow. This is nutmeg:

Thanks. It does look orange in that pic too, but saddle tan is what we were expecting, so that's perfect.

The plethora of reversed colours - mostly tan with some black - all over the net gets confusing. It's even on Toyota's website for some pictures.
No, I'm in Canada where only black or cinnamon/combo are available. Never heard of nutmeg. We are fine with black.

We prefer solid colors. If it was purely terra cotta (BMW's red) or purely nutmeg or off white / beige, we would have considered those over black but then again, black hides so much of the imperfections (aging if applicable to Softex) and dirt that it's perfect enough for me.
I saw a lexus crossover SUV (probably an older model) today and it had the exact nose on it, same bumper cover with just some very small changes, so that is where they got it.
I've had a 2005, 2009 and 2013 RAV4, So I've the improvements over the years. We just got a 2016 SE.

Some of the small improvements in the 2016:
Door fabric replaced with vinyl - easier to keep clean.
Rear 12V adapter for rear cell charging.
Front Cup Holder fits cups with handles.
Headlights go off automatically now.
Top Sunglass Holder.
Projection Headlights are truly white and very bright.
Love the Push Button Start with Auto Start and Heated Seats.
Paddle Shifters under Steering wheel are fun to play with on windy roads.
235/55-18" Tires make this handle like a sports car.
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Picked up the car today.

IMO, Cinnamon looks great in person, and actually better than I was expecting. I actually prefer this mostly cinnamon with black highlights now over the mostly black with cinnamon highlights (of which I've only seen pictures), but both look good.

It really is a dark "saddle tan" colour, as described by another poster here, not orange. I'm thinking these cameras just have a problem dealing with the colour balance with those two-tone interiors. I'd show you the pix I took with my iPhone, but I won't bother, because they aren't accurate either. It was getting dark when I took the pictures, and they came out looking like a moderate brown, not the dark saddle tan it really looks like.
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So far all the neighbours who have come by asking about the car have really liked the Electric Storm Blue colour and the interior Cinnamon colour. I'm surprised actually, since nobody ever complements us on the colours of our vehicles. I guess these colours, esp. the Cinnamon interior, are not so common.
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