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I believe the following is the November allocation of RAV4.3's to the Northeast region (NY/NJ/CT). My dealer did not know exactly what they were getting or when. Below I list the Model # and the Option Code, and what I think they stand for - I'm guessing, so corrections are appreciated. These are all 4-cyl. Also, all have Daytime Running Lights (option RL).

Model 4430: Base 4x2 w/ Alloy wheels (AA), Roof rails (DR), DRL (RL): 127 vehicles.

Model 4432: Base 4x4 w/ Alloy wheels (AA), Roof rails (DR), DRL (RL), Privacy Glass (PG): 406 vehicles.

Model 4432: same as above Plus 3rd row seat (TH): 102 vehicles.

Model 4442: Sport 4x4 w/ JBL 6-CD (DJ), DRL (RL), Sunroof (SR): 191 vehicles.

Model 4452: Limited 4x4 w/ Side Air bags (GY), DRL (RL): 311 vehicles.

Model 4452: same as above plus Sunroof (SR): 67 vehicles.

Model 4452: same as above plus sunroof and heated (HD) leather (LA) seats: 67 vehicles.

Looks like no 3rd row seats for Sport or Limited this month, and no side air bags for base or sport this month.

There is also some color info:

Base (4430/4432): Super White 040: 5%; Classic Silver 1F7: 30%; Black 202: 15%; Barcelona Red 3R3: 10%; Beige 4R4: 10%; Lt Green 6T6: 15%; Pacific Blue 8R3: 5%; Nautical Blue 8S6: 10%.

Limited (4452): Same choice of colors in slight different percentages: super white is 12%, classic silver is 25%, beige is 8%, otherwise same as above.

Sport (4442): Super White 070: 10%; Flint Mica 1E3: 25%; Classic Silver 1F7: 35%; Black 202: 20%; Barcelona Red 3R3: 10%; Pacific Blue 8R3: 0%.

The interesting mention of 0% for Pac Blue in the Sport implies to me that those colors mentioned above are what the different models will be available in (i.e., no Nautical Blue or Lt Green or Beige for the Sport, no Flint Mica for the base or limited).

The dealer gave me the impression that he didn't know how he was going to sell any Highlanders once the 4.3's started showing up...

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Color combinations have been discussed... Maybe they don't think Pacific Blue Metallic will be a seller in your tri-state region?

Highlanders are *still* larger vehicles all-around and provide just a scoshe more interior room, especially in the shoulders, which would give passengers and cargo a little more breathing space. Remember that the Highlander doesn't have to include a spare tire in its overall length.

Not to mention the Highlander comes with the navigation system and leather third row seats that are missing from the RAV4 and also comes in hybrid form. It's also a time-tested and proven platform that's in its final months of model year manufacturing, where the RAV4 is an untested (in mass production) first-year model.

However, that carries forward a pricetag that starts $5k higher than the RAV4 (and quickly climbs to $38k when optioned out sans hybrid, $44k with), so I'd bet there'll be factory incentives and deals-a-plenty to be had.
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