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Hi All!

Delighted to find a Forum dedicated to RAV4. This forum has already prepped me for my fog light project once warm weather arrives. Thanks!!!

We needed a new vehicle and my wife wanted something bigger than a car. She's a nurse and HAS to get to the hospital for work. We were looking for dependability and are on a tight budget, plus the wife didn't want many bells & whistles. We found:

2016 RAV4 LE, 2WD, White, rubber mats and roof rack.

The higher ground clearance, stiffer suspension and bigger wheels (over the usual car) has helped to tame Ohio's 'pothole paradise' roads. We picked the RAV4 because it was the most comfortable over the other SUV's we checked.
At our age, we want built for comfort, not speed!

The wife is pleased, (happy wife, happy life) and so am I. I look for excuses to get behind the wheel every chance I get. Usually, I back into our driveway and find the rear camera very handy.

Yes congratulations! !!! I also am on a budget and this is a very attractive, comfy mid price AWD..... hope and pray it mechanicaly is just as great as it is easy on the eyes! !!
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