Selling my OEM wheels and tires from my 2022 Rav4 Hybrid SE. They are 18"x7". I believe the factory wheels are approximately +38mm. Comes with Dunlop Grandtrek PT20 in 225/60R18. TPMS are not included. Valve stems are in though, so if you wanted to install them when picking them up, that'd be possible. Have the original lugnuts too.

Approximately 13,000 miles on them. Still good tread left (couldn't find my calipers to give an accurate measurement. Would be willing to throw in the OEM spare tire too if you wanted it.

No damage. Wheels are dirty (haven't washed the car in the last month, and have been on the road a decent amount), but free from scratches, curb rash, etc beyond normal wear you'd expect from light use.

Tires have never been patched or plugged. Still in great shape.

Honestly love the look of these wheels (probably one of my favorites that have been offered for the Rav4 this generation), but wanted to reduce rim size to 16", with slightly more offset and to put AT tires on.