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OEM or after market front bumper cover?

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Just hit a plastic beverage container on the highway, damn it. It must have just dropped off a truck.
The front bumper cover has to be replaced. I asked for the dealer, 475 CAD before tax even no painting. The after market replacement is about 175. just curious, is there any significant difference between the two? Mine is 2005 with 240,000 KM on it. I want to drive it for another 5 years.
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The original bumper has some flex because I managed to push out a 6 inch dent and it looks better afterwards. After market bumpers may not have any flex to save on cost. You may try looking for a used bumper in a junk yard since factory bumper have better fitment also. The clips to hold the bumper on the sides are super stubborn to remove. I broke mine and you must buy a pair since single pieces are not available. Was under $20.
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