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Oil drops & strange part full of oil

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anyone recognizes this strange part between the oil pan & transmission?

My mechanic told me there is a small oil leak, which he'll fix during next service. He intends to take off the oil pan (maybe I call it by a wrong word) and refit it.

Rav4, 2006 (3rd gen), D-4D, 100KW
about 110.000 miles / 170.000km

Can the oil pan leak be causing these stains on what I think is transmission box?



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The part which is circled in the first photo appears to be the engine flywheel and transmission torque converter cover. If it's the torque converter cover it would contain transmission fluid, since according to your profile (if it is accurate) you have an automatic transmission. The leak appears to be coming from that cover - if so, the gasket probably is the cause, rather than the engine oil pan.
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