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can you post a picture of the entire engine bay? Also give us a run down on parts and cost.

Here you can find the pic of the engine bay :

And also here in my garage :

The Cost for me are zero because i do everything myself and always with bits and parts that i have lying around .

The oil catch tank i made from the fuel tank com's of a Zibro Kamin heater it has a litle window in it so you can see when its full and i made baffles in it with steelwool filters .

the pipes are steel wrapped high pressure water pipes .

I have 2 tubes coming from the cylinder head cover with a tee to the inlet of the catch tank .

And then, the 1 tube of the outlet of the oil catch tank to the original position behind the air filter.

The oil catch tank has a stop at the bottom that you can press to drain the excess oil and water.

I must say after removing almost all vacuum and the egr valve and placing this oil cath tank the engine runs much faster and sounds like a small racing car its nice the sound not annoying.
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