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Hi everyone, thanks for looking at my post.

I have a 2002 RAV4 Diesel that is a great car, but I now have a problem.

It started one morning a few weeks ago, my wife went out to use the car and when she started it, it started billowing smoke out of the exhaust, proper garden filling amounts of smoke.

After doing some searching around I figured it was probably the EGR valve or the turbo. I first removed and cleaned the EGR valve as that was easy, but it was not very dirty and was not seized. That did not cure the issues so I then took a look at the turbo inlet and it was swimming in oil and when I touched the impeller, I could wiggle it in all directions, so the turbo bearings were properly shot. I then removed the turbo and found the exhaust manifold also to be swimming in oil and oil all through the exhaust system.

I replaced the turbo for a reconditioned unit that had a new core and had been setup by a turbo specialist.

I checked the oil feed line to ensure there was plenty of oil feed and I checked the oil drain line and found no blockage or muck of any kind in there and could easily pour new oil down the drain line.

I replaced the oil and filter at the same time.

Now I start the car and the same thing happens, oil billows out of the exhaust. I assumed this would happen for a while as lots needed to be burnt off, but it did not get any better. I removed the entire exhaust system and cleaned it out the best I could, as I did with the upper cat and down pipe and then run the engine with just the clean downpipe, which then started flowing oil, especially when you rev the engine.

On removing the new Turbo, I find that it is now only the turbo exhaust outlet that shows signs (wet) of fresh oil, although it does also look like it might be blowing out of the turbo actuator shaft, where it goes into the body of the exhaust shroud.

I therefore think that the shot turbo is unrelated to the current problem, especially as the smoke issue was so sudden, one day it was good, next lots of smoke.

I have tried removing the crank breather to the inlet pipe and the dip stick in an attempt to see if there is a crank case pressure issue, but that did not change anything.

I am now thinking maybe it could be something like the oil pressure is too high, i.e. the oil pressure relief valve is broken, or there is an issue in the sump. I have noticed that the sump is severely dented in so that is where I am going to look next, removing the sump and see what I find.

Any ideas, has anyone else experienced something like this before?

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No diesel RAV's in North America at all. Hopefully someone in the UK or Europe can offer advice.
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